Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Eaton's Cooper Power™ series Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) provides utilities the largest feature set, choice of meter manufacturers, industry leading support and unmatched flexibility to ensure the needs of all departments, from billing to engineering, are met.

Together, Eaton's RF and PLC technologies provide a comprehensive solution portfolio — allowing utilities to deliver uniform service across all service territories.


總之,伊頓公司的射頻(RF)和電力線載波(PLC)技術提供了全面的解決方案組合 - 使其設備在所有服務區域提供統一的服務。



Power Line Carrier AMI

Cooper Power Systems offers the industry’s fastest Power Line Carrier (PLC) system with the most advanced meters—offering true distribution automation functionality allowing the system to not only benefit the metering and billing departments, but also engineering, operations, and planning.

The PLC network has fault tolerance, message prioritization and flexibility built-in, providing a robust two-way network which provides communications to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Demand Response (DR), and DA applications.  This network enables scheduled meter data collection, real time on demand reads in 3-6 seconds, and broadcast capabilities that allow load sheds in less than 2 seconds, the fastest DR network available.  The PLC network is well-suited to rural areas and provides a reliable, cost-effective solution to connect a utility to its customers at the reaches of its service territory regardless of meter density, terrain, or foliage conditions.

The AMI modules have superior onboard intelligence and substantial memory allowing for the most advanced feature-set in the industry, even when using the simplest of electronic meters.  All AMI parameters are configurable via the network and are consistent with feature-sets offered in Cooper Power Systems higher-density AMI solution allowing utilities to offer a consistent level of service to all its customers. 

No other vendor has as powerful a software platform as Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform, an extensible enterprise-class software platform that can function at the center of all our clients’ automation initiatives. Yukon’s capabilities and usability are significant differentiators between a true Smart Grid provider such as Cooper Power Systems and meter vendors or communication companies offering AMI.


PLC的網絡具有容錯,訊息優先和內在的靈活性,提供了一個強大的雙向網絡提供先進讀表技術(AMI),需量反應(DR)和DA應用。該網路實現預定的電錶數據採集,按需量在3-6秒讀取,使負載廣播功能低 於2秒,最快的DR網絡可用。 PLC的網絡是非常適合於農村地區,提供了可靠的,具有成本效益的解決方案在其服務領域的下游連接實用程序的客戶,無論儀的密度,地形,或葉子條件。



Yukon AMI Software Module

Cooper Power Systems has devoted substantial resources to create an enterprise class suite of software to address all the complex operations of a multi-faceted utility energy automation solution program: Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform. Yukon addresses the needs of dispatchers, system administrators, casual operations, customer service representatives, consumers, installers and any other stakeholder in the system.

Yukon provides access, management, security, redundancy and scalability to support any type of AMI, demand response or power factor management program and is designed to deploy within the utility’s IT environment. Yukon is widely used, rigorously tested and regularly updated. It is at the core of our solution offering to our clients. Our AMI Suite, is the suite of software we use to provide all advertised functionality, including providing access, reporting and exporting of metering data.